TKN Bongkar Keinginan Prabowo, Harapkan Timnas Indonesia Berlaga di Piala Dunia Melalui Nobar Piala Asia

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Prabowo-Gibran TKN Campaign Team held a watch together (nobar) event for the Group D match of the 2023 Asian Cup between the Indonesian national team and Japan in front of Prabowo Subianto’s residence on Kertanegara IV Street, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Wednesday (24/1/2024). Vice Chairman of Prabowo-Gibran TKN, Juri Ardiantoro, stated that the event was attended by millennial generation volunteers and athletes as a form of support for the Indonesian national team. “Alhamdulilah, no matter what the result is, we are grateful. Earlier, we got 1 goal and Japan got 3 goals. It’s not a defeat, but a delayed victory,” said Juri. Juri then expressed that Prabowo-Gibran shares the same spirit with the Indonesian people in advancing the sport of football. In fact, according to him, Prabowo has proven this by establishing the Garudayaksa football training center or academy in West Java. “We will also build many football fields with good standards throughout Indonesia. This is to make our football stronger and respected in international matches,” he said. In addition, Juri continued, Prabowo has also pledged that the Indonesian national team will be able to compete in the World Cup. He believes that in order to build a strong football team to achieve this dream, it will start from the process of nurturing players, having a structured competition, and involving naturalization. “I think every leader wants their country to compete at the world level. Of course, we have to be realistic because building football is not a short-term matter, but a long-term one,” he said.

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