Anofial Asmid Mengaku Merasakan Firasa Sebelum Atta Halilintar Sakit: Ia Menangis Anofial Asmid Mengungkapkan Kemampuan Merasakan Sebelum Atta Halilintar Sakit: Dia Menangis

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Atta Halilintar, Aurel Hermansyah’s husband, was visited by Thariq and Aaliyah Massaid at the hospital. Geni Faruk and Anofial Asmid also came to visit him. Atta Halilintar had just undergone hernia surgery.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Geni Faruk and Anofial Asmid were welcomed by Aurel Hermansyah. Atta Halilintar’s wife immediately kissed the hands of both her in-laws and playfully interacted with Geni Faruk.

During the visit, Anofial Asmid revealed that he had a strange dream about his eldest son falling ill. “Strangely enough, before he (Atta) got sick, I had a dream,” said Anofial Asmid.

According to Ashanty’s father-in-law, he dreamt that Atta Halilintar was crying while driving a car with Geni Faruk and his wife. “He was crying, driving with his mother. But he was crying,” continued Anofial Asmid.

After chatting, Geni Faruk gave some gifts to help with the recovery process of his eldest son. “This is a recovery booster, these are snacks for Nur (Aurel). They contain lemon and ginger, and this ajwa dates are specially for after the surgery,” said Geni Faruk.

A snippet of the video of Geni Faruk and Anofial Asmid visiting Atta Halilintar went viral on TikTok with 1,790 views. The post also included a photo of Aurel Hermansyah with her two daughters accompanying Atta Halilintar in the hospital after his surgery.

“Seeing them like this makes us so happy,” wrote the TikTok account @rizhamchanay on Friday (02/02/2024).

Many netizens also gave various responses and comments about the visit. “Wishing for a speedy recovery, Papata,” wrote one netizen. “Happy to see them all,” said another. “It’s heartwarming,” said another netizen.

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